John Berzner Biography

John characterizes himself as: 

A Mystic who dances to the beat of a different drummer.
Personal Growth and authentic spirituality are of great importance to him. He believes in Love and seeks it in its many splendid forms.

Having a great concern for our environment, he actively participates in community service. It's essential to his well being to give back to society and empower all he interacts with. 

Who John is Now:

John is consciously evolved and sincerely interested in the journey of the soul. He meditates daily and love engaging in stimulating conversation that uplifts, inspires and stimulates the self-discovery process. He's open minded, loves to learn, and keeps firing new synapses

The Beginning:

John's been meditating for 45 years including 5 years as a celibate Monk. . He teaches by nature, loves people, yearns to learn and explored both the inner and outer self.

John's read, seen, heard lived, loved, struggled, conquered, failed, succeeded, lost, been humbled, awed, and has a
tremendous passion for life and celebrates all of its wondrous facets. 
He's down to earth, loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor.

His Mission:

John lives a healthy lifestyle; body, mind and spirit. He is consciously aware, courageous, deep, passionate, and an emotionally intelligent adventurer who promotes spontaneity, innovation, creativity,
imagination, impossibilities, equality and most of all balance. 
Stimulated by consciously evolved thought, his mission is
"to empower others to be all they're capable of being."

John's Family

John's daughter Bianca is a remarkable embodiment of love, kindness and compassion-and "I love her more than I can love". She describes him in three words, "kind, wise and spiritual". 

John grew up in NYC- Rockaway Beach. His mother's family was from Calabria, Italy. His father's family was from Minsk (Belarus), formerly Russia. His heritage includes a prominent Rabbi. He loves being a father and loves his family and friends.